Interior design deskCore Values


  • Creating the perfect blend of space necessities with the beauty of design.
  • Working within the framework of budgets and time restraints.
  • Being consistent in quality, responsibility and professionalism at every stage of the project.
  • Incorporating designs which are in sync with nature and are environment friendly
  • Starting and nurturing of long lasting relationships with faith, mutual trust and respect.



Quality Policy


To ensure that we completely capture our clients’ needs and specifications into our designing, we have a complete questionnaire for the same. We have created this questionnaire with proper thought and analysis of the data required from the client to get the best output in design.  These questionnaires stay with us till the end of the project and come handy at every stage to get the accurate concept.  To ensure that the project is on track it is monitored at every stage and clients’ inputs are taken until the very last detail is completed. We constantly invite our clients to participate in the design process.

Besides working on a statistical database and experience we always strive to bring out new and unique ideas which will make the design stand out from the rest and also leave its mark on our clients. We do not believe in taking any commissions from the contractors and suppliers as we would rather like to pass the benefits to the clients. We work with top level contractors and suppliers who believe in the same values as us.

Understanding the vastness and constantly changing nature of the designing field, we continue to attend many local conferences and seminars to expand and update our knowledge of sustainable design principles.

It is our constant endeavor to blend all the aspects of designing to create the perfect harmony of creativity, usability, materials, technical know how and project management.




We provide the following services with the best of our knowledge and experience:

  • Schematics
  • Concept Design
  • Design Development
  • Working Drawings
  • Specification
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Site Supervision

1. Schematics: A graphical diagram is given to the client in the initial stages of design giving him/ her a brief idea about the design without unnecessary visual clutter. This ensures the client that his vision about his space to be designed is clear to our team.

2. Concept Design: We provide the client with a visual representation of the design and idea that the client has envisioned.

3. Design Development: The actual development of the plan, execution of the ideas and design starts taking shape.

4. Working Drawings: Detailed drawings of the particular space in question with specifications as per the clients requirements are taken into account and the working drawings are developed.

5. Specification: Address Designs strongly respects the view and ideas that a client has envisioned for his/ her house or office. Hence specifications given by the client hold utmost weightage when it comes to designing the said space.

6. Bill of Quantities:  We do not believe in taking any commissions from the contractors and suppliers as we would rather like to pass the benefits to the clients.

7. Site Supervision: Continuous supervision and visits to the site are a protocol at Address Designs. This ensures every stage of work is as per the initial vision of the client and the designers.